About Us

Hewad was established in 2010 with local resources for local needs.

Hewad is an Afghanistan based non-profit organization envisioning an Afghan society where needy citizens are empowered to create opportunity for themselves through providing them with essential services such as education, awareness, healthcare, and engaging them in welfare initiatives.

Who established it?

Hewad is established in the private property of local Afghan citizens in the Kama district of Nangarhar province by local contributions where members pay part of their income to run its programs. Its membership is open for Afghans living in Afghanistan and those live abroad. The organization is completely independent. It is neither associated with any political, religious, or any other sort of activist views or movements, nor it is advancing any particular political or religious agenda. It is by local citizens for contributing to local community. Hewad now runs various projects; it has child education programs, computer, math, sciences, languages, Islamic studies, and university admission preparation courses, in addition to a Dar Tahfiz ul Quran, Quranic and sport museums, welfare, and reconstruction projects. It offers financial aid to orphans, widows, and patients who need treatment abroad. It also implements international organizations' and individual donor's projects on the groung.

People Behind Hewad Foundation

The people behind Hewad include a team of employees, its board of directors, volunteers, field associates, its founders. Its office is located in Kamah district of Nangarhar province and has an office in Kabul.

We partner with Abdali Foundation in the USA and are supported by various non profit organizations and corporates inside and outside Afghanistan.

We have affiliations with 26 organizations around the world.

Our Partners

+93 770 300050

House Number G/38, Qala E Mosa Road, Shaheed Square, Shar E Now, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Registered Charity Number : 1395/10/14-2466

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