11 years of serving the Afghan society

Millions of families and individuals in Afghanistan need help every year. Help us provide them with enough to eat, have access to education, healthcare, and financial aid. Help us promote universal human rights values and spread awareness among Afghan women about their constitutional rights.

Our Vision

At Hewad, we recognize that communities shall use their own resources, skills, and capacities to engage in their own development and prosperity. Our vision is to inform individual and corporate benefactors and coordinate with social communities about the needs of less fortunate Afghans and mobilize them toward proactive role in improving the lives of needy through providing them with bespoke custom-made essential services.​

Our Services

Hewad Education Center

We offer educational support to primary as well as secondary and high schools students. They learn English and Arabic languages, computer, math, and sciences (physics, biology, chemistry). Our trained students get the highest numbers in University Entry Exam and while studying at colleges and universities.

Early Education Prog

The Early Education Program for Girls focuses on girls age 5 – 7 preparing them to be equipped with high quality basic education and ethics prior to admission to school. Our students always get the highest marks in schools and make better students. We prepare tomorrow's mothers to lead the society in all fields of life.

Financial Aid for Orphans

Because of the long devastating war, Afghanistan has huge number of orphans and widows. We provide financial aid through collecting Zakat and alms for distribution to the orphans and widows. We cooperate with other organizations to fund the Orphans Program. We currently sponsor over 100 orphans.

Human Rights Workshops

We run regular workshop to spread awareness among Afghans about the universal human rights values, women rights in the constitution of Afghanistan, and workshop against child abuse. These regular programs aim at spreading awareness about basic, but universal rights to encourage the society to stand up for thier rights.

Food Aid Programs

There are many families that need food aid to survive. Hewad Foundation with help from its sponsors and donors regularly provide food aid to hundreds of needy families particularly during the month of Ramadan and Eids. Our main partner in the Food drives is the Abdali Foundation in the USA. Abdali Foundation is a USA based organization run by private US Citizens.

Aman Library

The library contains thousands of Pashto, Dari, Arabic, English, and Urdu paper titles in different subjects, over 150,000 digital titles, and a rich audio/video database. The library is an important educational resource for students, teachers, and researchers in the country. The library serves as resource for information about our educational programs and human righst workshops.

People Behind Hewad Foundation

The people behind Hewad include a team of employees, its board of directors, volunteers, and field associates from USA and Afghanistan Citizens. Its office is located in Kamah district of Nangarhar province and has an office in Kabul.

We partner with Abdali Foundation in the USA and are supported by various non profit organizations and corporates inside and outside Afghanistan.

We have affiliations with many organizations around the world.

Ways You can Support Us

In Person

Volunteer with us for a short term or project based. You are most welcome to visit us any time during working hours on below addresses: Headquarter: Marifat Kalay,Kama District, Nangarhar


You can donate to us via online payments or through our bank account. Please e mail us shall you have interest to donate of sponsor our projects.

Sponsor a Project

You may decide to sponsor a project completely or partially sharing the sponsorship with other donors. We can implement your idea or project as well on the ground. Please call or email us. ​

Join today and support a great cause in Afghanistan benefiting others in need of your support.

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House Number G/38, Qala E Mosa Road, Shaheed Square, Shar E Now, Kabul, Afghanistan.

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